Anritsu Co. and RFMW Ltd. announced an Americas distribution agreement. Under terms of the agreement, RFMW will market and sell Anritsu's high performance, high frequency coaxial connectors and components used in communications and test instrument applications.

RFMW Ltd. is a specialized distributor that provides customers and suppliers with focused distribution of RF and microwave components as well as customer-specific component-engineering support. Anritsu is a leader in the design and production of precision microwave components. Anritsu created and trademarked the V and K connectors and continues to develop innovative connector products. In addition, Anritsu manufactures assemblies and components to meet specific customer requirements.

"RFMW's familiarity with our targeted RF/microwave customer base enables them to recognize opportunities for Anritsu and provide expert level support to our customers throughout the design process. RFMW is uniquely capable of providing the expertise and resources necessary to cover our wide range of customers from small developmental groups to OEMs and contract manufacturers," said Larry Davis, Anritsu Government and General Industry National Sales Manager.

According to Joel Levine, president of RFMW Ltd., "Teaming with Anritsu now allows us to offer our customers the world's best RF/microwave coaxial K and V connectors, attenuators, terminations, adapters, DC blocks, bias tees, dividers, splitters and other components for use in commercial, military and test lab applications from DC to 65 GHz."