Nokia Siemens Networks is teaming up with Symmetricom to offer operators a solution to the challenge of keeping network bandwidth capacity up to pace with the ever-increasing demand from data applications. The two companies are to introduce the industry’s first open standard Timing over Packet solution to synchronize base stations over the packet-based backhaul networks vital to sustaining profitability.

“While packet-based backhaul networks are actually being deployed, the issue of synchronization so far has stopped mobile operators from entirely replacing their existing TDM network, leading to hybrid network architectures,” said Dirk Lindemeier, responsible for mobile backhaul solutions at Nokia Siemens Networks. “Our backhaul solution is a straightforward approach to a true packet-based network.”

An important component of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Timing over Packet solution is Symmetricom’s TimeProvider 5000. TimeProvider 5000 distributes a network reference clock to a large number of base stations. The base station’s ability to synchronize its radio frequency based on that received clock is an equally important component of the solution. Timing over Packet is an open and future-proof solution, based on the IEEE1588 version 2 standard. It addresses the synchronization requirements of both today as well as forthcoming 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless networks.

“Mobile operators looking to solve the critical synchronization issue as they migrate to next generation, packet-based backhaul networks can now move forward with confidence,” said Gurdip Jande, senior vice president of marketing for Symmetricom. “Nokia Siemens Networks’ backhaul solution using our carrier-class IEEE 1588v2 grand master clock allows operators to optimize their networks for peak performance by meeting the most stringent timing and synchronization requirements.”

The synchronization of base stations is a critical building block for mobile backhaul networks. Nokia Siemens Networks therefore offers a host of technologies that enable the company to adapt to the individual requirements of mobile operators.