Agilent Technologies Inc. announced that its Mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e-2005) measurement solutions were used by participants at the WiMAX Forum's recent, public Mobile WiMAX PlugFest, an interoperability showcase in Taipei, Taiwan. Agilent's Mobile WiMAX solutions include the Agilent MXG, Signal Studio, MXA, 89601A Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) software and the E6651A Mobile WiMAX Test Set. Featuring exceptional performance and functionality, these solutions provided PlugFest participants with PHY, MAC and functional test capabilities not currently available with competing solutions.

In particular, the recently introduced MIMO capability on the Agilent E6651A Mobile WiMAX Test Set demonstrated the ability to test MIMO and other Wave 2 profile functionality. Bringing a new level of innovative test features and performance to the developer, Agilent's Mobile WiMAX measurement solutions provide engineers with the necessary tools to perform accurate, cost-effective and fast signal analysis, signal generation, protocol testing, and end-to-end functional test in the lab.

Agilent's comprehensive set of WiMAX™ and Mobile WiMAX measurement solutions was shown from Oct. 22-23 at the Taipei 2007 WiMAX Forum Showcase and Conference. On display was a full complement of test solutions for R&D, design verification, manufacturing, protocol conformance and interoperability test, as well as network deployment and service assurance. These solutions provide today's engineers with a level of performance and functionality not currently available from competing solutions.

Show attendees saw a range of new test capabilities that support physical layer signal generation and analysis for Wave 2 system profiles — crucial to the successful deployment of Mobile WiMAX products. Specific capabilities include matrix A and matrix B signals for downlink, uplink collaborative MIMO, and creation of HARQ bursts and uplink sounding zones. In addition, attendees saw MIMO-fading embedded in a waveform, enabling testing of MIMO receivers without the added expense of fading hardware or software.

"This line-up of leading-edge, performance-based systems demonstrates our wide offering of WiMAX test solutions that are enabling a successful WiMAX marketplace deployment," said I-Lung Shen, general manager, Agilent's Electronic Measurements Group, Taiwan. "Agilent's participation in the PlugFest and WiMAX Forum Showcase and Conference, reinforces Agilent's commitment to the success of WiMAX. Our leadership and dedication to meet the needs and issues not fully addressed by other test solutions on the market will empower today's engineers to create a new range of WiMAX-based communication possibilities tomorrow."

Agilent demonstrated the following WiMAX products at the event:

Agilent E6651A Mobile WiMAX test set: WiMAX device developers need the right tools to stay at the forefront of their markets. This product is the industry's first integrated test set for testing mobile WiMAX devices.

The E6651A's Wave 2 enhancements: These upgrades include support for MIMO downlink (DL) STC, SM and uplink (UL) collaborative MIMO measurements, and the addition of a second integrated RF source and/or analyzer. The enhancements also provide protocols to support operating with the DUT in MIMO modes. The Agilent E6651A will also be enhanced to provide analog IQ connectivity for testing WiMAX baseband modules.

The Agilent Protocol Conformance Test (PCT): This solution adds a script-based mode for both script development and protocol-conformance testing to verify that a product developer's implementation conforms to the Mobile WiMAX standard.

The new Agilent N8300A Wireless Networking Test Set for Mobile WiMAX applications: The N8300A is based on an architecture that integrates Agilent's state-of-the-art Vector Signal Analysis and Vector Signal Generator hardware, and features an easy-to-use front panel graphical user interface and SCPI command set.

Agilent's Mobile WiMAX drive-testing capability with the E6474A Wireless Network Optimization Platform for IEEE 802.16e-2005: This product enables WiMAX network equipment manufacturers and service providers to authenticate the actual subscriber experience in real-world, WiMAX environments. This capability allows manufacturers to develop faster and more reliable WiMAX-enabled products.

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