Agilent Technologies Inc. announced that Allion Test Labs Inc. is using the Agilent HDMI product suite as the primary test solution for its newly completed HDMI 1.3b test environment. The Agilent HDMI test solution includes the DSO80804B high-performance oscilloscope, the E4887A TMDS signal generator and the N5998A protocol analyzer and generator. Allion Test Labs is an IT-testing organization based in Taiwan.

"Agilent's HDMI 1.3b test solution has one of the best test performances and faster test speed," said James Ou, Allion's technical director. "Moreover, it also offers Allion an add-on value position by helping us to develop future High Definition Digital Display testing on a global scale. Allion is also looking to expand our future DisplayPort test capabilities based on this test platform and will look forward to collaborating with Agilent again."

"Allion is a leading third-party test laboratory and has collaborated with Agilent for USB, SATA, ExpressCard and HDMI test development since 2002," said Siegfried Gross, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Digital Test Division. "Agilent is committed to this alliance with Allion and to the development of future High Definition Digital Display test capability."

The Agilent HDMI test solution provides fast calibration time and test throughput, in-depth characterization of HDMI source devices, complete HDMI receiver characterization with unique, fully integrated and instant-use jitter-injection capabilities on TMDS clock and data lanes, and high bandwidth.