Analog Devices Inc., a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, recently announced the ADF4157, a new high frequency, fractional-N PLL synthesizer for applications that require low phase noise and ultra-fine-tuning resolution, such as satellite communications, private mobile radios (PMR), instrumentation and wireless base station equipment, including those that support GSM, PCS, DCS, WiMAX, CDMA and W-CDMA networks.

The 25-bit fixed-modulus divider provides for ultra-fine frequency resolution. Design and simulation software, which greatly simplifies and streamlines loop filter design, is available free of charge as a download from Analog Devices’ web site at

"ADI's PLL synthesizer portfolio now spans from 5 MHz to 8 GHz with more than five new PLLs released in the last year," said David Boylan, business director, RF Limerick, Analog Devices Inc. "The PLLs are supported by the ADIsimPLL simulation design aid, which thousands of wireless systems designers are now using to speed their synthesizer developments."