Remcom announces the release of XFDTD® 6.5. XFDTD is a full wave 3D electromagnetic solver based on the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method. Applications include microwave, RF, antennas, scattering, biological EM, photonics, packaging, EMC and specialized materials. XFDTD 6.5 includes important industry-leading features from previous versions such as the patent-pending Fast Meshing Algorithm and both distributed memory MPI cluster computing and GPU hardware acceleration.

In addition, Version 6.5 offers many new features and improvements, including: multi-frequency sinusoidal results such as efficiency, SAR and antenna patterns from one transient excitation; improved results for frequency-dependent materials using Cole-Cole parameters; periodic boundary conditions with phase shift; improved waveguide excitation; nonlinear diodes with variable parameters; Ludwig polarization; the ability to independently specify time delay for multiple sources and automatically determine if meshed geometry objects are in contact; import Voxel objects with conformal meshing; Total Field and Scattered Field plane wave for accurate results for both scattering and shielding calculations.