One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of microwave component technology has launched two ranges of solid state amplifiers in response to growing demand.

Labtech Microwave’s LMA and LMB branded series are linear low noise broadband and narrow bandwidth limiting amplifiers, respectively. LMA006 to 009 have been designed to include all parasitic elements thus enabling excellent gain flatness performance combined with good noise and output power. LMA009, for example, operating over the frequency range of 2 to 18 GHz, incorporates gain slope correction for system integration applications. The gain slope is required to overcome losses in systems where there are varying lengths of RF cables. In addition, the LMA009 automatically compensates for heat fluctuations, ensuring the gain level is constant over a wide temperature range.

The LMB004 to 006 units, suitable for travelling wave amplifier tube (TWT) driver applications, have a number of features, including optimum gain level to ensure that the wide input power window is compressed into the narrow output power window over all the specified temperature conditions. In particular, LMB005 includes an electronically controllable attenuator that sets the output power to the exact level required within the range specified. The units are lightweight, hermetically sealed, includes integral voltage regulation, are RoHS compliant and suitable for use in military environments.

Commenting on the new products, Robert Lowther, sales and marketing director, Labtech Microwave, said: “Labtech continues to expand its microwave amplifier product offering to meet the growing demand from the satellite communication and the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market where their use creates a demand for Labtech’s proven expertise in producing TWT driver amplifiers.”