Analysis and compliance tests of modern ultrawideband microwave, optical and electrical signals require more real time bandwidth and capture time than is possible with spectrum analyzer-based acquisitions. At European Microwave Week 2007, Tektronix will be announcing the ultrawideband (UWB) V2.1.0 software package for its high performance real-time oscilloscopes, which incorporate RSAVu. Designers will be able to analyze RF and microwave signals with up to 20 GHz modulation bandwidth using the company's familiar RSAVu software on the DPO/DSA70000 series oscilloscopes.

UWB V2.1.0 includes the instrument control and connectivity to enable RSAVu Analysis on Tektronix oscilloscopes. RSAVu Analysis strengthens Tektronix’s offering by adding pulse measurements, phase noise measurements and transient signal analysis.

Analysis can be done across microwave, electrical and optical waveforms, up to 200 Mpts at 50 GS/s on four simultaneous channels. Time gating cursors within these waveforms along with packet/pulse finder help designers analyze the intended signal that may be separated by time, power level or frequency from other traffic. Resolution bandwidth, which trades off time resolution and frequency resolution, provides the best insight into complex modulated signals. Visit Tektronix at Stand 904 in the ICM Foyer Area of the European Microwave Week Exhibition.