Agilent Technologies Inc. and GCT Semiconductor Inc. announced plans to jointly implement a WiMAX manufacturing test system for GCT's WiMAX chipsets, which will accelerate manufacturing throughput and allow mass production deployment.

Agilent will support GCT chipsets with its E6651A Mobile WiMAX Test Set and MXZ-1000 WiMAX Manufacturing Test System. The initial GCT chipset supported will be for 2.3 GHz wave 1 mobile WiMAX products, consisting of GCT's GDM7201S baseband chip and the GRF7201 RF chip, and will be followed by mass deployment of 2.5 GHz wave 2 mobile WiMAX chipsets.

The Agilent Mobile WiMAX Test Set, equipped with its Wireless Test Manager and automation software package, can be used to calibrate and verify performance of GCT-based devices and to test many aspects of functionality such as network entry.

The Agilent MXZ-1000 WiMAX Manufacturing Test System, which now offers GCT chipset library, is optimized to directly control GCT chipsets and enables the highest possible measurement throughput.

"It is essential for Agilent to collaborate with WiMAX-enabled chip set providers in the early stages of their development process so we can create and integrate specific test solutions to accelerate their launch and manufacturing ramp up," said Amir Aghdaei, vice president of Agilent's Measurement Systems Division. "Our partnership with GCT has been a great example of this because we have been able to significantly shorten products' time-to-volume. Agilent's strategic intent to expand its portfolio of WiMAX test products is intended to offer a continuum of price/performance solutions to address WiMAX product development lifecycle."

"Our GDM7201 and GRF7201 WiMAX chipsets provide a very attractive combination of low power consumption, small form factor and cost effective bill of materials for WiMAX terminal developers," said Kyeongho Lee, president and CEO of GCT Semiconductor. "We're pleased to be partnering with Agilent to develop a solution that enables customers to thoroughly test device functionality and quickly ramp up their volume. GCT is well positioned to play a leading role in the expanding WiMAX market by delivering key components to further accelerate the deployment of WiMAX networks. We look forward to a continued relationship working with Agilent."