In a deal valued at $1 M, Botswana Telecommunications Corp. (BTC), the national and international communications services provider, has selected Ceragon to provide a wireless solution enabling higher transmission capacity to its growing customer base.

Ceragon’s FibeAir 1500P will be deployed to upgrade existing PDH links, in order to facilitate better quality, faster performance, improved service and multi-media offerings.

This broadband wireless solution will replace existing PDH links, thereby significantly increasing their capacity to meet the growing demands for bandwidth and support their extensive range of services. Consequently, BTC will be provided with a quickly deployable solution, which addresses the company’s current broadband wireless needs, yet is easily upgradeable to meet future requirements. Ceragon is providing full turnkey implementation including site survey, network installation and a two-year support contract.

“BTC was looking for the best technologies and partner to deliver and implement a cost effective, future proof wireless networking solution,” said Gadzani Thangwane, general manager technology of BTC. “After extensive evaluation of the market’s offerings, we chose Ceragon’s competitively priced FibeAir products to enable BTC to bring a variety of leading-edge telecommunications services to the people of Botswana. We have selected a partner with a strong track record in Africa that can deliver the technology and implement it through a turnkey solution.”