Design Software

The LINC2 software combines high performance RF and microwave circuit design, synthesis, simulation and optimization into a single integrated program. This software provides a suite of design tools for the exact synthesis of a wide variety of active and passive circuits. LINC2’s comprehensive amplifier synthesis tool produces circuit schematics for single and multi-stage amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, balanced amplifiers and differential (push-pull) amplifiers. The LINC2 impedance matching tool provides lumped and distributed circuit topologies for both broadband and narrowband applications, including balanced and unbalanced configurations. LINC2 filter synthesis automatically designs both differential and single-ended filters.

Applied Computational Sciences,
Escondido, CA
(760) 612-6988,

Emissions Software

The model SW1006 is the latest version of the company’s radiated susceptibility, conducted immunity and precompliance emissions software that automatically performs both calibration and immunity testing in full compliance with IEC 61000-4-3, 4-6, MIL-STD 461/462 RS103, CS114 and RTCA/DO160 Section 20 specifications. The software also supplies the user with selectable test parameters and a threshold mode for pre-compliance investigation of equipment susceptibility, as well as closed loop leveling. Pre-compliance emission testing can be done with the use of a spectrum analyzer and either a pre-amp or LISN.

AR Worldwide • RF/Microwave Instrumentation,
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181,

Modeling and Simulation

Version 3.2 of COMSOL Multiphysics has new features designed to boost productivity throughout the entire modeling and simulation process. The software now reads geometry files created with all major CAD packages. It introduces COMSOL Script, a standalone product featuring command-line modeling. The graphical user interface encourages the use of a consistent system of engineering units, and a moving-mesh feature allows a model to simulate moving parts and parametric geometries. For the easy importing of CAD drawings for modeling, a suite of optional CAD-import modules read a wide range of CAD and mesh file formats. Also, improved solvers handle models with millions of degrees of freedom to calculate the answers faster than before.

Stockholm, Sweden

Software Package

The MU-EPSLN™ is a versatile software package for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X that performs all of the major functions associated with collecting and processing data to determine material constitutive properties, such as permeability and permittivity. The program controls common network analyzers made by Agilent, Anritsu, and Rohde & Schwarz, and the program leads the user through calibration and measurement steps. A variety of data processing options are available to determine mu, epsilon and other parameters. A time domain option is available, which allows the S-parameters to be gated.

Damaskos Inc.,
Concordville, PA
(610) 358-0200,

Integrated Analysis Environment

Flotherm and Flo/EMC Version 6 of the company’s integrated analysis environment for physical design of electronics features improved communication between thermal and electromagnetic compatibility simulation. The latest Flotherm and Flo/EMC software packages further reduce the time required for integrated simulation by automatically generating two different meshes, one optimized for thermal simulation and one for EMC simulation. Version 6 makes it possible for users to optimize thermal and EMC meshes independently. With the recent release, users can now access the Web-based “SmartParts3D” library directly, utilizing compact models and reducing the time required for modeling and analysis.

Flomerics Inc.,
Marlborough, MA
(508) 357-2012,

Device Characterization Software

The release of ATS 4.00 device characterization software features over 50 new capabilities, including an advanced multi-dimensional sweep plan, an electrothermal memory characterization tool and migration of ATN noise parameter extraction algorithms. In addition, ATS 4.00 was subject to enterprise-class QA and rigorous regression procedures to ensure stable and reliable operation.

Maury Microwave Corp.,
Ontario, CA
(909) 987-4715,

Filter Design Kits

This filter simulation and design kit includes complete know-how for common low pass, high pass and bandpass filters. Fully customizable Global Models™ for all components, and layouts for EDA software are included. These generate highly accurate simulations that enable first-pass design success that can be validated using the pre-assembled sample filters included. Simply modify the design goals and create similar filters using blank boards and extra part samples included to meet specific needs.

Modelithics Inc.,
Tampa, FL
(813) 866-6335,

Graphical Design and Development Software

LabVIEW 8 is a graphical design and development environment for custom test, measurement and automation applications. The new release addresses accelerating product development, globalization of design and manufacturing, increasing design complexity, and other RF and communications industry challenges. LabVIEW 8 introduces distributed intelligence, a suite of powerful features for engineers to design, distribute and synchronize intelligent custom devices and systems. The new release streamlines these jobs with shared variable communication technology and tightly integrated target management.

National Instruments Corp.,
Austin, TX
(888) 280-7645,

Capacitor Modeling

The KENT SIMULATOR is designed for single layer capacitor modeling. The KENT SIMULATOR is free and can be downloaded from the company’s Web site. Once the download is complete, users simply double click on the .exe file to install the simulator. The KENT SIMULATOR obtains commonly needed RF capacitor parameters for patented buried single layer ceramic capacitors. All device parameters are derived from a series transmission line model developed by Dr. Gordon Kent. The graph presents parameter data for a selected capacitor part number for a user defined frequency range up to 30 GHz. Data saved in the S2P format is compatible with and easily imported into many microwave circuit design programs.

Presidio Components Inc.,
San Diego, CA
(858) 578-9390,

IEEE 1641 Test Software

The user-friendly software tools called newWaveX have been designed for design and test engineers. The three products available are: a downloadable 30-day evaluation version; newWaveX Lite, a version for signal design and simulation and XML export of signal definitions; and the full version of newWaveX, for comprehensive test program development and compliance verification that includes import/export of XML definitions. Significant is that newWaveX encapsulates IEEE 1641 (Signal and Test Definition), a new standard which expresses tests in terms of signals applied to the unit under test. It enables test development through an easy to use drag and drop graphical development environment, and real-time test simulation throughDirectX technology.

Racal Instruments Group,
Wimborne, Dorset, UK
+44 (0)1202 872800,

Assembly Builder Program

This interactive “High Speed Cable Assembly Builder” program at makes it as easy as a “click” to create valid Samtec High Data Rate Cable part numbers and order samples. This program allows specification of assemblies on 0.5 mm, 0.635 mm, 0.8 mm, 0.050" (1.27 mm), 2 mm and 0.100" pitch. Standard options such as cable length, wiring configuration and screw features for rugged applications are easily specified with the program.

Samtec Inc.,
New Albany, IN
(800) 726-8329,

Antenna Test Range Software

SatEnv is a powerful software package for acquisition, processing and visualization of measurement data from antenna test ranges. The software provides unlimited possibilities for data acquisition set up, and includes a full set of analysis tools. Advanced macro and scripting capabilities provide a high level of automation for data processing, data export and plot generation. Equipment drivers are easily added, making SatEnv an attractive upgrade for older test ranges with outdated control software. Available plug-in computation modules include near-field to far-field transforms, SAR evaluation, spherical and planar back/forward near-field propagation, and ray tracing algorithms.

Courtaboeuf, France
+33 1 6929 0247,

Cluster Computing Solution

The emCluster™ computing solution is available with the 10.53 release of Sonnet Suites Professional and reduces analysis time and shortens design cycles. This newly added emCluster module can split a project and assign individual analysis frequencies to available resources across an IT cluster environment significantly reducing the completion time of the EM analysis to just a fraction of what it would have taken with a single computing resource. In addition to speeding up the analysis time, emCluster intelligently schedules analysis jobs to minimize idle time of valuable computing resources.

Sonnet Software Inc.,
North Syracuse, NY
(315) 453-3096,

Carrier-to-Interference Analysis

With this release, the accompanying Log View™ software utility can now display both the radio’s “carrier” sweep as well as the “interference” sweep simultaneously. Markers can be set to the carrier’s modulation bandwidth and the software will automatically compute the “total channel power” of both the carrier and the interference, normalized to the carrier’s bandwidth, and calculate the carrier-to-interference figure, in dBm, to indicate the real world fade margin at the site. Because of its simple interface, the Analyze-R™ can be used by non-technically trained personnel and is designed for highly portable field use.

XL Microwave Inc.,
Oakland, CA
(510) 428-9488,