Sonnet Software Inc., a leading provider of high frequency electromagnetic (EM) simulation software, is showcasing the latest SONNET® Suites Professional™ Release 11 at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium.

One of many new features in Sonnet Release 11 being shown at this year's IMS Exhibition is an industry first: Co-calibrated™ Ports. Co-calibrated Ports are based on a new de-embedding technology that enables perfect calibration of internal port groups. Co-calibrated Ports are also used in the new Sonnet Components giving users the most accurate way to combine external device models such as transistors or passive surface mount devices all within a Sonnet EM analysis.

Sonnet is also demonstrating its industry leading interface products such as the totally redesigned interface to Agilent EEsof EDA Advanced Design System (ADS), feature-rich interface to AWR® Microwave Office® and the interface to Cadence® Virtuoso® which now supports the new OpenAccess initiative. The totally redesigned ADS Interface allows complete access to Sonnet EM simulation all within the ADS design environment. The ADS Interface also features automatic creation of layout look-alike symbols for ADS schematic S-parameter models generated in Sonnet.

The demonstrations continue to show that Sonnet pioneers the way for users to tightly interface with their design framework tool of choice

Sonnet Release 11 also includes a 64-bit EM solver capable of full-wave EM analysis with no limitation on the computer’s physical memory capacity. The solver performance is improved by up to 40 percent for Intel and AMD processor platforms. Sonnet Release 11 also introduces the Sonnet Cluster which allows easy setup of distributed computing.

For more information on SONNET Suites Professional Release 11, please visit or call Sonnet Software at (315) 453-3096. A free evaluation package is available by request.