Russia's Ministry of Information and Communications (known by the local acronym MINSVIAZ) has issued Rohde & Schwarz (R & S) subsidiary BICK Mobilfunk with permanent certification for its ACCESSNET®-T terrestrial trunked radio (TETRA) system.

Previously, each TETRA network proposed for a Russian application has had to be tested and approved separately, with the system components requiring pilot operation approval and special import licensing.

The new ACCESSNET®-T agreement provides unrestricted certification for the system, thereby allowing it to be set-up and operated anywhere within the Russian Federation without repeat official testing and approval.

Individual applications require customers to operate an ISO9000 (or higher) compliant management system and the specific system elements are checked for technical specification compliance by an approved body (in this case, Russia's SONIIR Institute).

A significant component of the described blanket approval was R & S's ability to demonstrate its equipment's compliance with Russia's SORM telecommunications monitoring standard.