5G Mitigation Filter for C-Band

A1 Microwave expanded their range of C-Band receive filters for satellite ground installations to include off-the-shelf components that are fully compliant to the RED and BLUE spectrum masks. In addition to the close-in 5G rejection, they also feature transmit band rejection as well as X-Band radar for use in naval applications. This includes a recent trial for the U.K. Royal Navy, as well as hundreds of installations on cruise ships and terrestrial news-gathering equipment.

A1 Microwave

Waveguide Power Dividers

Fairview Microwave, an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading provider of RF, microwave and mmWave products, has announced the release of its waveguide power dividers. These advanced components, featuring single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) toggle switches with SMA connectors, are a milestone in RF component availability, offering customers unmatched convenience and performance. Fairview’s waveguide power dividers cater to the dynamic requirements of RF applications. They feature a robust SPDT switching configuration with a toggle switch, enabling precise signal control and routing.

Fairview Microwave

18 to 67 GHz Ultra-Wideband 32-Way Power Divider/Combiner

MIcable 18 to 67 GHz ultra-wideband 2-way power divider/combine P32N180670 can accept a 18 to 67 GHz signal and deliver 32 output signals with extremely good amplitude unbalance (typically ±0.4 dB) and phase unbalance (typically ±8 degrees). Due to wide bandwidth, excellent VSWR (typically < 1.5:1), insertion loss (typically
< 8.8 dB) and isolation (typically > 18 dB), it can be widely applied in 5G, test and measurement, instruments, antenna feed network and signal distribution system etc.


Non-Blocking Solid-State Switch Matrix

Mu-Del Electronics, an Ironwave Technologies company, introduces non-blocking solid-state switch matrix, working in L-, S- and C-Bands. In the second half of 2024, an L-, S-, C- and X-Band non-blocking solid-state switch matrix will be introduced. Designed for top performance and versatility, this solid-state switch matrix offers outstanding features and benefits for a wide range of applications and environments. Offering touchscreen and remote interfacing with an option of frequency range down to 20 MHz. These units can be delivered with additional options such as programmable attenuation, bias tees, blocking and combining options.

Mu-Del Electronics,
an Ironwave Technologies Company

Ku-Band Low-Profile LC Filter

NIC has extended its LC filter capabilities until Ku-Band and successfully built an LC filter at 16,500 MHz in a low-profile (0.44 × 0.39 × 0.14 in.) surface-mount package. This filter offers low passband insertion loss (< 2.5 dB) and high selectivity (> 40 dB) in a compact package size which makes it a good alternative to a thin film filter. The LC design approach allows for quick turn prototypes, higher yields and more tuning flexibility as compared to a thin film approach. The filter is built with high temperature (Sn95Sb05) solder and is capable of meeting standard reflow temperatures of 215°C. Custom designs are available from 1 MHz to 18 GHz.


Eulex Broadband Gap Capacitor

The Eulex Gap Capacitor offers ultra-low loss performance in a surface-mount package for broadband microwave/mmWave, test equipment and optical applications. The Eulex Gap Capacitor utilizes a novel patented internal electrode design allowing for significant leverage in capacitance for a given dielectric. These gains mean that Quantic™ Eulex can offer devices manufactured from ultra-stable materials with high Q and extremely high self-resonance with capacitance values far exceeding those offered by other manufacturers.

Quantic Electronics

Wideband Bias Tee

Sigatek introduced a new 2.92 mm connectorized bias tee offering high performance over the ultra-broadband frequency range of 30 khz to 40 GHz. This bias tee offers a flat loss response of 2.2 dB across the frequency band and current rating is 750 mA with 50 Vdc. Isolation is greater than 30 dB typically and return loss is greater than 12 dB. Applications are for emerging designs, test and measurement, 5G, 6G, radar, mmWave and more.

Sigatek LLC

DC to 67 GHz SPDT Coaxial Switches

Teledyne Relays announced the release of its latest innovation, the CCR-67V series. This advanced range of DC to 67 GHz SPDT coaxial switches is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of 5G telecommunications, high frequency automated test equipment and mmWave communication systems. The CCR-67V series represents a significant advancement in electromechanical switch technology with both failsafe and latching models available. The CCR-67V series is now available for purchase through Teledyne Relays or an authorized distributor.

Teledyne Relays


Multi-Channel SMPM Cable Assemblies (WMCM Series)

Withwave’s multi-channel SMPM cable assemblies (WMCM Series) provide a wide range of multiple coax connectors and flexible cable assemblies with a choice of 26.5, 40 and 50 GHz configurations based on precision array design and superior high frequency cabling solutions. These products consist of high performance flexible assemblies which can be bundled in housings (four and eight channels) and the interface to board is compression type which provides lower total cost of testing by avoiding costly soldering components.



Exodus AMP2025A 0.8 to 2.5 GHz, 300 W, 150 W P1

Exodus AMP2025A, ideal for broadband EMI-Lab, communication and EW applications. Class A/AB linear design for all modulations and industry standards. Covers 0.8 to 2.5 GHz, producing 300 W minimum, 150 W P1dB and 55 dB minimum gain. Excellent flatness, optional monitoring parameters for forward/reflected power, VSWR, voltage, current and temperature sensing for superb reliability and ruggedness. Integrated in our compact 4U chassis weighing approximately 30 kg.

Exodus Advanced Communications