StratEdge Corporation is set to showcase its latest packaging technology for high frequency applications at several industry conferences in May. The events will take place in California and Arizona and will highlight StratEdge's commitment to producing packages for demanding GaAs and GaN devices, maximizing the chips’ performance in the most extreme conditions.

StratEdge will be exhibiting at Components for Military & Space Electronics Conference & Exhibition—CMSE, held in Los Angeles, Calif., from May 1-2. The company will be located at Booth B20.

StratEdge will be showcasing power amplifier packages at Space Tech Expo, which takes place from May 13-15, in Long Beach, Calif., Booth 5027. These packages play a crucial role in transmitting signals from commercial and government satellites and other long-range communications equipment.

Finally, StratEdge will be exhibiting at CS Mantech, which runs from May 20-22, in Tucson, Ariz. The company will be located at Booth 199 and will highlight its latest high-reliability package families.

"StratEdge has been providing packages popular for their low loss performance, heat dissipating properties, and high-reliability for over 20 years," said Casey Krawiec, VP of global sales at StratEdge. "With a continued emphasis on increasing power and pushing the capabilities of chips to deliver ever-higher frequencies, these packages are more critical than ever. Attending these shows enables us to work with engineers to build packages that enable the best performance of their chips."