The decision to shut the company and let go of all the employees has been made by GaasLabs LLC, the investment company that wholly-owns Gallium Semiconductor and has funded it since it was founded in 2020. The decision was made following the death in November 2023 of John Ocampo, the founder of GaasLabs.

A spokesperson for Gallium Semiconductor said: “It’s most regrettable, and many of our staff, customers and partners are still in shock with this sudden decision.” The spokesperson added that the official reason, provided by GassLabs, is, “John Ocampo our founder has passed. GaasLabs has decided that it will no longer continue to fund Gallium Semiconductor.  We will wind down the company and all employees will be released.”

No other reasoning for the closure has been given. Gallium Semiconductor appeared to be on a path of expansion having formally opened a test and manufacturing facility in Laguna in the Philippines in February 2023 (see Gallium Semi opens Philippines manufacturing facility). Gallium Semiconductor employs between 11 and 50 people, according to its Linkedin page.

John and Susan Ocampo cofounded Sirenza Microdevices Inc., a supplier of RF semiconductors and components for the communications, aerospace and defense markets in 1992. They led Sirenza through a successful IPO and eventual sale to RF Micro Devices Inc. (now Qorvo) in 2007.

The proceeds of the sale allowed the couple to found GaasLabs as a private equity fund. GaasLabs has invested in RF and GaAs startups, such Mimix Broadband and Nitronex, that have been acquired by Macom. GaasLabs is an investor in Macom, now Nasdaq-listed, where John Ocampo served as a director and as chairman of the board from March 2009 until his demise in November 2023.