Craig Robinson, sales manager of Intelliconnect (Europe) recently visited the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) at their new, dedicated building for advanced quantum metrology to meet with Conservative MP and Minister for Science and Innovation Andrew Griffin and Gemma Chapman, Higher Scientist for Quantum at the NPL.

They discussed how cryogenic testing of Intelliconnect’s new Q-CON high-density connector at NPL had greatly assisted the market acceptance of this innovative product for use in dilution refrigerators in the quantum computer sector. The new Q-CON high-density cryogenic connector for quantum computing provides reliable transmission of critical signals at very low temperatures, featuring compact and simple connection up to 24 ways with attenuators available to suppress thermal noise.

Q-CON high-density multiway connectors are based around the SMPM interface to meet the needs of large-scale high qubit quantum machines and provide many more coaxial lines in a given space, simplifying the installation and customisation within a dilution refrigerator. Typical spacing using SMA connectors is limited to approximately 16 mm, whereas the new Q-CON high-density connectors are designed with a pitch of 4.75 mm. The SMPM interface provides a simple push to mate connection only requiring a hex key to tighten the two fasteners.

The fast-growing quantum computing market has led Intelliconnect to invest in the very specialised connectors, cables and cable assemblies and adaptors required to work at very low temperatures.