Mtel (formally known as Mobiltel EAD), a wireless operator in Bulgaria, has selected and implemented Andrew Corp.’s Odyssey™ cellular radio planning software system to replace a market-leading radio planning tool.

Odyssey, used by operators worldwide and backed by Andrew’s global customer support services, provides radio frequency design for the complete network lifecycle and is the most accurate radio prediction solution on the market today. It significantly enhances a wireless operator’s ability to save network planning time and infrastructure costs.

With Odyssey, Mtel now has a consistent method of network planning with its fellow operators in the Mobilkom Austria Group (MAG), the wireless segment of Telekom Austria to which it belongs. All MAG operators use Odyssey, and two of the four operators, including Mtel, use it in combination with Andrew’s Omnix™ workflow and infrastructure management system.

“We are proud to expand our relationship with Mtel and deliver tools that improve its ability to plan and manage networks,” said Martin Coates, vice president, Andrew Network Solutions (Europe). “Odyssey and Omnix work in combination to meet the individual needs of our customers throughout the network lifecycle.”

Migrating to a new radio planning tool often is considered a notoriously difficult process, with the investment in training time and database migration seen as the major obstacles that typically prevent operators from switching to a better radio planning tool. Andrew’s highly trained, experienced and proficient support team worked closely in guiding and assisting Mtel's team through every step of the migration process.

“Despite the challenges often associated with a switch, Mtel experienced a highly successful migration to the Odyssey radio planning system,” said Michael Jaworsky, senior radio access network planner, Mtel, and responsible project manager for the “Odyssey for Mtel” project. “Andrew provided relentless support and training to ensure the business impact of migrating to Odyssey was minimal and the benefits great. We are delighted to see their high level of support has continued throughout our relationship and that it is a normal part of doing business with Andrew.”