At EuMW 2023, Keysight will be showcasing solutions that accelerate RF innovation for applications from space and automotive to 5G/6G and IoT in booth 107A. As a 20-year consecutive Platinum sponsor of EuMW, Keysight is enabling innovators to push the engineering boundaries by quickly solving the design, emulation and test challenges of RF, mmWave and more.

Keysight experts will be demonstrating:

  • System performance modeling: This demonstration compares predicted performance from the newly released Keysight PathWave System Design 2024 predicted against the physical-world measurements. Includes predicting true end-to-end system performance inclusive of kinematics and RF impairments and introduces hardware-in-the-loop to enable concurrent engineering at the subsystem level.
  • mmWave circuit design: Keysight's new PathWave ADS 2024 software offers breakthrough 3D electromagnetic (EM) circuit physical co-design and verification for today's challenging 5G MMICs and modules. The solution extends its open, multi-technology workflows and enterprise-scale and Python automation to enable today's digital transformation with leadership technology to pioneer your pre-6G and sub-THz research. Visit us for a demo of the latest tools for microwave power amplifier designs that address innovative analysis around electrothermal, load-pull and digital predistortion (DPD).
  • Wideband MIMO prototyping: MIMO will be a key enabler for 6G to achieve data throughputs of > 100 Gbps using multiple streams of data with 10 to 30 GHz of bandwidth at sub-THz frequencies. Keysight demonstrates solutions providing flexibility and scalability in prototyping various types of waveforms operating in different frequency bands.
  • Modulate with confidence: The demand for faster data rates is driving the use of increased bandwidths and more complex modulation schemes. This demonstration showcases the latest test solutions from Keysight, delivering low-distortion signals with high-order modulation up to 4096 QAM to the device under test (DUT), giving better insight into the true performance of your device.
  • Phase noise measurement: Demonstrates how component and circuit designers can easily characterize signal sources with a simple setup and achieve stable voltage-controlled oscillator measurements. Keysight's solution can measure low-phase noise more accurately than conventional instruments using cross-correlation to provide better measurement sensitivity.
  • Automotive radar test: Showcases how Keysight's new Automotive Radar E-Band mixer simplifies automotive radar test setups, integrates receiver and transmitter capability and enables MIMO testing. Learn how to analyze and generate automotive radar signals with scalable analysis bandwidth across the full frequency range.
  • Test PA modules 50 percent faster: Demonstrates the new Keysight E5081A ENA-X, which enables multiple measurement parameters with a single connection, including noise figure, error vector magnitude (EVM), adjacent channel power ratio and standard S-parameters. Covers a spectral correlation technique that directly analyzes the modulated input and output signals in the frequency domain while applying full vector correction at the DUT plane.
  • Phased array evaluation: Showcases the Keysight phased array calibration and test solution provides a convenient user interface for fast, automated phased array calibration and beamforming performance verification within an over-the-air (OTA) test environment. Learn how the solution takes test times from minutes to seconds without compromising accuracy.
  • Sub-THz device analysis: While 6G deployment in sub-THz may be a few years away, researchers are already beginning to build out the components necessary to enable the sub-THz ecosystem. Learn how the Keysight Vector Component Analyzer solution enables engineers to minimize the residual EVM of the test system and zero in on component performance.
  • Field spectrum audit: Demonstration of Keysight's new FieldFox C-model handheld analyzer offers fully upgradable frequency and bandwidth plus over 20 software applications. This solution is the first in the industry to provide OTA, end-to-end troubleshooting and network auditing to help operators efficiently manage networks. Showcases signal and protocol sniffing that provide end-to-end full-stack network troubleshooting capability to improve 5G network deployment efficiency.