Fairview Microwave has announced its new line of vehicle GPS antennas. Engineered for the ever-evolving automotive sector, these antennas redefine the benchmarks for accurate and dependable positioning, even in the most challenging terrains and conditions.

Equipped with an impressive high gain of either 28 dB or 30 dB, these antennas are designed to capture the faintest of signals. Users can anticipate a smooth navigation experience, free from signal drops or inconsistencies.

The antennas accommodate both SMA and FAKRA connector preferences, making them adaptable to diverse requirements. Meticulously tuned for the GPS L1 frequency, they ensure location precision. Whether it is the sturdiness of a vehicle mount or the flexibility of a magnet mount, these antennas are crafted to cater to all mounting preferences. Moreover, they are available in both active and passive versions, ensuring optimal compatibility with various applications.

The resilience of these antennas sets them apart. They boast an IP rating of IPX6 or IP66, making them both waterproof and dustproof. This rugged design ensures they are the perfect companions for those adventurous trips or when driving through demanding conditions. The additional advantage of right-hand circular polarization minimizes signal interference and multipath effects, ensuring the signal quality remains pristine.

“The reliance on telematics, fleet management and autonomous driving is growing exponentially, and the demand for unfaltering positioning has never been higher,” said Product Line Manager Kevin Hietpas. “Our antennas promise just that unparalleled signal clarity and consistency.”

Fairview Microwave’s new vehicle GPS antennas are in stock and available for same-day shipping.