Fairview Microwave announces the introduction of its G-type (round) mounts for standard gain horn antennas. With the capability to significantly improve the setup process for test and measurement purposes, these mounts are set to revolutionize system performance across the industry.

The new G-type round mounts accommodate a broad spectrum of waveguide sizes. Now customers can select from 19 variants that cater to waveguide sizes ranging from WR28 to WR2300, and their respective IEC counterparts.

Crafted with robust aluminum, these mounts feature a durable interior finish of chromate conversion complemented by an anticorrosion gray paint exterior. The innovative design not only ensures longevity but bolsters the functionality of the entire system.

Customers will find it beneficial to pair their antennas with these mounts. The seamless compatibility and improved performance offered by this combination is unparalleled. Furthermore, the cage-style design simplifies the antenna attachment process, thereby enhancing the stability of the entire setup.

“We’re delighted to enrich our offerings with the high-quality G-type round mounts,” said Product Line Manager Kevin Hietpas. “Our primary aim remains to simplify the antenna setup process while optimizing the performance of our standard gain horn antennas.”

Fairview’s new G-type (round) mounts for standard gain horn antennas are in stock and available for same-day shipping.