Rohde & Schwarz and Zurich Instruments will present advanced test and measurement solutions for photonics at the LASER World of PHOTONICS tradeshow in Munich. Highlighted solutions include the R&S FSPN and R&S FSWP , two exceptionally powerful phase noise analyzers for characterizing laser systems. Visitors can also see demos of the R&S MXO 4 and R&S RTO6 oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz as well as the Quantum Computing Control System (QCCS) and lock-in amplifiers from Zurich Instruments.

LASER World of PHOTONICS is a leading platform for the laser and photonics industry and will be held from June 27 to 30, 2023 at Messe München. Rohde & Schwarz shares a booth with its Zurich Instruments subsidiary to present their advanced test and measurement solutions for photonics technology. The phase noise analyzers and oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz and lock-in amplifiers from Zurich Instruments complement each other perfectly for comprehensive characterization of optical signals.

Phase noise analyzers are essential for many photonics applications, such as laser and optical source analysis, optical frequency synthesis, optical coherence tomography and quantum optics. Rohde & Schwarz will present the R&S FSPN phase noise analyzer in a demo that measures phase noise for ultra-stable microwave systems. The phase noise sensitivity of the R&S FSPN requires a hundred times fewer correlations relative to comparative solutions. The result is a high measurement speed, ideal for efficient phase noise analysis both in R&D and production. The R&S FSWP a signal and spectrum analyzer and phase noise analyzer in a single box is another powerful instrument for characterizing laser systems. With a frequency range of up to 50 GHz and a signal analysis bandwidth of up to 8 GHz, the R&S FSWP is ideal for testing radar applications and when developing and manufacturing synthesizers, OCXOs, DROs and VCOs.

Oscilloscopes are versatile electronic test instruments extensively used in photonics for signal analysis, waveform visualization and measurements in the time domain. At the LASER World of PHOTONICS, Rohde & Schwarz will present oscilloscopes in joint demo setups with Zurich Instruments. A quantum sensing demo features the new R&S MXO4, the world’s first oscilloscope with an update rate above 4.5 million waveforms per second and the fastest, most accurate spectrum analysis in its class.

The R&S RTO6 oscilloscope is presented with the QCCS from Zurich Instruments. The QCCS is the first commercial device designed to control more than 100 superconducting and spin qubits. LabOne Q, the QCCS control software, provides a full measurement framework for quantum computing and facilitates integration into higher-level software. The R&S RTO6 is a sophisticated test solution for frequency, protocol and logic analysis. It features a large 15.6 in. touchscreen, excellent signal fidelity and deep responsive memory.

Zurich Instruments will also demonstrate DC lock-in detection for up to 8.5 GHz with their lock-in amplifiers. Lock-in amplifiers are essential to research laboratories for optics, photonics, scanning probe microscopy and quantum technologies. The instruments can extract very small signals buried in noise, extending the reach of experimental setups.

Christian Dille, global market segment manager for research and universities at Rohde & Schwarz, said, “The future of photonics is heading toward exciting frontiers, with advancements in quantum photonics, integrated photonics and biophotonics. We at Rohde & Schwarz and Zurich Instruments have invested in cutting-edge solutions for characterizing laser systems and analyzing optical signal sources. We look forward to working with academics and industry professionals to advance innovation at the upcoming LASER World of PHOTONICS trade show.”

Rohde & Schwarz and Zurich Instruments exhibit their advanced test and measurement solutions at booth B2.108 at the LASER World of PHOTONICS. Both companies are also present at the World of QUANTUM, a spin-off of World of PHOTONICS, at booth A1.511.