Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (ADRF), pure-play distributed antenna system (DAS) and repeater provider, announced the new version of its popular FiReTM Series fiber-optic public safety repeater, capable of supporting up to 36 remote units (RU) to provide ubiquitous connectivity in venues larger than one million sq. ft. The product is commercially available and will be demonstrated for the first time at the International Wireless Communications (IWCE) Expo on March 29-30 at booth #1531.

The FiRe-78-8-U is a hybrid in-building wireless solution combining ADRF’s channelized 700/800 MHz repeater with built-in signal source and fiber DAS Head End (HE) in a single unit, making it a highly cost-effective option for building owners to deploy a public safety network. The system is certified to the UL 2524, second edition, which represents the most rigorous standard for In-building 2-Way Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems, and supports up to 8 RUs natively and up to 36 RU in combination with an optical expansion unit (OEU).

The FiRe-78-8-U pairs with the new UL 2524-certified remote unit (ADXV-R-3378P-U) and the long-range annunciator (PSR-ANN-L) that is capable of extending the range of visual and audible alarms from the HE for more flexibility in network design.

ADRF has also launched its UL 2524-certified battery backup (ADRF-BBU-W) that is a wall mountable battery enclosure supporting 12 V, 24 V and 48 V configurations, making it more flexible to meet different jurisdictional requirements.

“Our newest batch of UL 2524-certified public safety solutions including the FiRe-78-8-U, remote unit and the battery backup are designed to be cost-effective and flexible across all unique AHJ requirements and local addendums,” said Sun Kim, director of engineering at ADRF. “The extended range of our FiRe solution and annunciator, along with our flexible battery backup configurations, ensure our products can meet any design specifications for building owners and system integrators.”

The FiRe-78-8-U features include:

  • Channelized 700/800 MHz Repeater and fiber DAS HE in a single unit
  • Up to 32 narrowband channel support 
  • Supports up to 8 RU natively and 36 RU in combination with an OEU
  • NFPA 72-2013/ 1221-2016 / 1221-2019 /1225 and IFC 2015/2018/2021 code compliant
  • FirstNet compliant
  • Type 4/NEMA4 enclosure
  • Supports up to two PSR-ANN-L annunciators.

In addition, ADRF released the second version of its ROM BOM Tool on the MyADRF customer portal, allowing users to instantaneously build complex Rough Order of Magnitude Bill of Materials (ROM BOM). Mobile carriers, neutral-host operators and system integrators now have access to ADRF’s full product catalog for public safety and commercial solutions through the tool, and can receive information instantly to reduce errors and miscommunication and deliver products with less hassle.

For more information about the new UL 2524-certified solutions and ROM BOM Tool V.2, visit IWCE Expo Booth #1531.