Pivotal Commware, a leader in 5G mmWave infrastructure products for the wireless edge, introduced its next-generation Pivot 5G network repeater with more than 4x the power for increased range, optical extension and other key improvements.

The second-generation Pivot features a narrower beamwidth on the donor unit and combines that with increased gain and a 7 dB power boost to the service unit.  The result is a system that can deliver gigabit service 50 percent farther from the gNB, at least 3,000 feet. These enhanced capabilities allow mobile network operators to expand the service area while greatly mitigating the impact of foliage.  

With the optical interface kit, Pivot’s range and utility can be significantly extended.  This feature allows a Pivot’s donor unit to serve up to four service units via fiber optic cable. For outdoor installations, this can alleviate the need for line of sight for each location and facilitate robust deployments with fewer systems. Fiber optics also facilitates outdoor-to-indoor installations and large indoor venues like stadiums and other locations traditionally satisfied with DAS.

“The new Pivot provides ultra-low latency allowing a transparent integration into the network.  Its low total power consumption helps streamline permitting operations. But it has more RF power, versatility and intelligence,” said Steve Ostroff, technical product manager. “Our newest Pivot also offers enhanced network health monitoring, and a tighter beam profile to the gNB, reducing potential network interference.”

The new Pivot is also simpler and faster to install.  The new design features fewer cables and tool-free installation at the pole. 

“The market spoke, and we listened,” said Brian Deutsch, Pivotal Commware CEO. “By extending the range and capability of the Pivot 5G network repeater, Pivotal enhances its leadership in delivering the mmWave wireless edge.”

Pivotal Commware will showcase its next generation Pivot 5G repeater at 2023 Mobile World Congress Barcelona in Hall 2, Stand 2D15, from February 27 to March 2.