Nxbeam expands its MMIC portfolio with the release of a new GaN V-Band power amplifier MMIC. The NPA4010-DE operates from 47 to 52 GHz and provides an average saturated output power of 3.5 W, average power-added efficiency of 23 percent and average linear gain of 24 dB. The balanced design configuration uses Lange couplers to provide input and output return losses of better than 15 and 13 dB, respectively.

The output power level of this MMIC makes it ideal for point-to-point V-Band communication links and satellite communications ground terminals. The part can be used as a driver amplifier or can be easily power combined given its balanced design configuration to achieve higher output power levels.

The design incorporates three independently controlled amplifier stages and was designed to offer customers the flexibility to tailor linear power performance over a variety of modulations and use cases.

The RF input and RF output are matched to 50 Ω with DC blocking capacitors for easy system integration. Bond pad and backside metallization are Au-based for compatibility with eutectic die attachment methods. The chip dimensions are 2.85 x 1.45 x 0.075 mm3.