The ultra-miniature, solid-state, lightweight transponder is designed for use as a tracking radar enhancement device in airborne applications such as missiles, unmanned air vehicles or manned aircraft operating at instrumented ranges.  

CPI radar transponders are traditionally used by the manufacturers of target drones, missiles and test range operators where a common standard is desired. They provide a safe environment for equipment development trials and in-service training exercises. CPI transponders provide a real-time solution that enhances any object’s radar signature.


  • Single antenna port for receive and transmit
  • Transmit and receive frequencies preset within the 5.4 to 5.9 GHz band 
  • Synthesised transmit frequency source 
  • Typical transmitter peak power of 50 W 
  • Sensitive receiver, -65 dBm 
  • Preset single or double pulse code setting 
  • Displacement volume of 140 cm3 / 8.5 in3 
  • Typical weight of 280 g / 9.9 oz 
  • Factory set to operate from either 12 VDC or 28 VDC