1. HASCO has been in business since 1981, 41 years. That's quite an accomplishment. Take us back to the beginning and what led you to start the company.

Hytech Associates Sales Company (HASCO) was established in 1986 and became a franchise distributor for Southwest Microwave, Inc. At that time, Southwest Microwave was the premier line card manufacturer for Hytech Associates, Inc., a Southern California-based sales rep organization. Since then, however, due to forward thinking eCommerce strategies, HASCO has grown beyond servicing local customers with commercial “ready to buy” components into a complete, one-stop global distribution provider of high quality RF and microwave components.

2. While distributors have broad product lines, they also seem to have a focus or specialization that distinguishes one from another. What is HASCO's focus?

Traditionally, HASCO has focused primarily on supporting microwave engineers within the military, aerospace and communication industries with a large selection of high performance adapters, amplifiers, attenuators, connectors, cable assemblies, millimeter waveguide active and passive components. Components are generally in stock and ready to ship daily.

With that said, what really differentiates HASCO from the competition is our experience and solutions-based approach to understanding complex systems. This unique hybrid approach for supplying components and engineering solutions has led to HASCO establishing a brand and reputation for being “A Quality Source for RF and Microwave Engineers.”

Not only is HASCO a quality source for standard commercial off-the-shelf products, HASCO also has the capability to provide customized solutions in the same manner as a fabless foundry. We are, therefore, a fabless component company with a global engineering and manufacturing network capable of designing, building and sourcing standard and custom products from 100 MHz to 300 GHz.

3. What are the “hot” markets and product areas in 2022, and what are the underlying trends?

While 2022 seems to be a transition year for us, as well as the industry as a whole, we did see more opportunities focused on the emergence of 5G/IoT and space markets, which has presented new opportunities for our recently released Littlebend cable. Additionally, with wireless broadband requiring a larger number of micro base stations to service local municipalities and neighborhoods—such as new infrastructure with the installment of Wi-Fi repeaters on utility poles—there appears to be more requirements relying on new cable assemblies aimed at supporting more complex application requirements. Again, the Littlebend cable series offers system engineers an ultra-flexible cable designed for high density and tight routing applications that require less space and fewer interconnects.

4. Give us an overview of your line card and a few examples of new products that impress you.

Since HASCO is not a rep organization, we don’t technically have a line card. However, HASCO does pride itself in working with only the highest quality manufactures for any given product. A perfect example is HASCO’s longstanding franchise relationships with manufacturers such as Southwest Microwave and Insulated Wire. In addition to those relationships, we’re excited about building new relationships with high performance, high quality mnWave and cryogenic component manufactures.

5. In addition to your portfolio of products, what services do you offer customers?

Since HASCO is a global components and engineered solutions provider, we offer design consulting and customized components as a value-added service. We are excited about our growing engineered solutions services, which is driven specifically by customer demands for modifications of standard components and unique product solutions. It is also the key driver of our 2023 product roadmap.

6. How have you weathered the pandemic? Is business getting back to pre-pandemic “normal” or have some aspects changed permanently?

As part of the communications and technologies sectors providing essential goods and services that are an integral component to the supply chain in support of our specific industries, HASCO was able to remain open during the height of the pandemic. However, staying open didn’t prevent us from seeing a decline in product demand, long lead times and material shortages. While we believe we are likely out of the woods when it comes to overcoming those primary effects, “back to normal” might be an unrealistic goal. Like so many other industries, the global pandemic has created an opportunity for a new normal for the RF and microwave industry.

7. As a distributor, you have a good view of the RF/microwave industry. What's your sense of the health of the industry and, given the uncertainties across the globe, are you optimistic about the near-term growth of the markets that use RF/microwave components?

I’ve been very fortunate to have mentors who have seen and experienced many changes to our industry. The one consistent I’ve witness over the last several decades is that the RF and microwave industry is always technically changing. With technologies being developed every day, one cannot help but to be excited about the future. A very good example of this is quantum computing. Every dilution refrigerator used to process quantum qubits relies on microwave signal processing.

8. What are the intangibles behind HASCO's longevity?

Solid leadership that is driven and committed to investing and improving the company year over year.

9. What has HASCO taught you about business and life?

If you work hard every day and you set small and large goals, over the course of time, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. This is best summarized by Thomas Edison: “Many of life’s failures are people who had not realized how close they were to success when they gave up.”