Times Microwave Systems has introduced a new series of Size 8 coaxial contact designs that fit all standard MIL-C-38999 connector shells and are capable of operating broadband from DC to 26.5 GHz with exceptional electrical performance. These unique contact designs have also been carefully engineered with a host of other design features that greatly improve maintainability and offer the design engineer an additional degree of design freedom not previously available.

Integrated Contact Removal Tool Feature

A novel solution now completely eliminates the age old problems associated with current MIL-C-38999 Size 8 contact designs—the need to use awkward contact removal tools, often in confined spaces inside LRUs/equipment boxes.

To remove these new Times Microwave Size 8 contacts from their MIL-C-38999 shells, the user simply pushes down on the integrated tool built into the rear of the new Size 8 contacts and slides it out—no tools are required, making contact removal extremely easy and simple (see Figures 1 and 2).

All Contacts are Fully Field Replaceable

In the unlikely event of contact damage, for whatever reason, there is no need to completely change the cable assembly, as is the case today with dedicated Size 8 contact designs. Instead simply remove and replace the Size 8 contacts in seconds and re-install. This new feature saves downtime and the cost of new replacement cable assemblies.

Low Profile 90°Contact Designs Now Available

A real limitation of existing Size 8 contact designs has been the lack of any 90°, low profile contacts. A full range of different profiles/nested 90° contact designs are also now available that offer exceptional performance from DC to 26.5 GHz.

Contacts Have BMB Military Specification Interfaces

Unlike other Size 8 contact designs that are not properly impedance matched and typically operate to a maximum frequency of 3 GHz, the new Times Microwave Size 8 contacts employ the popular BMB Mil Spec interface and correctly internally compensate such that these contacts are fully suitable for use at frequencies up to 26.5 GHz.

The new Times MIL-C-38999 Size 8 microwave contact is already the interface of choice for all modern AESA Radar Systems and many other demanding applications in difficult environments. These contacts are available in both sexes and can therefore be installed on either or both sides of the connector body as needed.

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