V-Band Transceiver

Model SSC-6336337012-SFSF-S1-NU2 is a V-Band transceiver sub-assembly that transmits +12 dBm from 50 to 75 GHz through a horn antenna with 15 dBi gain to yield +27 dBm effective isotropic radiated power. The receiver includes a quadrature mixer and a low noise amplifier that achieves 18 dB conversion gain with 25 dB sideband rejection. The local oscillator uses an active ×6 multiplier with input signal power of -3 dBm. The receiver noise figure is 7 dB and the IF bandwidth covers 1 to 2 GHz.


Wideband Power Dividers

The PD-8008-S-PM is an upgrade from the PD-8008-S that raises the bar for wideband power dividers with even tighter phase matching. The original PD-8008-S, is economically priced, a compact design, high-quality and an incredible value, but IFE created an even better part with ±3 degrees of phase balance across the same bandwidth. IFE still produces the same great PD-8008-S, but the PD-8008-S-PM will meet more requirements with just one part. Request information and a quote today.

I.F. Engineering

5G Tx/Rx Module

The innovative 5G Tx/Rx module, designed and manufactured by IMST, is a front-end module covering the 5G Ka-Band from 24.25 up to 29.5 GHz. The 24 beamformer ICs feed 2 × 96 antenna elements, all dual linear polarised. The module generates in standard configuration 48 beams with flexible polarization (LHCP, RHCP, dual linear, etc.) Four beams can be generated simultaneously. Scanning performance is 360 degrees in azimuth and ±45 degrees in elevation. The dual polarised antenna elements are based on a combined metal and dielectric waveguide design.


mmWave Controlled Components

General Microwave Corporation is a key partner with major OEMs and primes, having been chosen for broad and comprehensive understanding of mmWave controlled components. General Microwave offers a wide range of mmWave products operating in the 18 to 40 GHz frequency range including catalog attenuators, switches and phase shifters as well as integrated microwave assemblies. If it’s a standard catalog unit or a highly customized mmWave product designed specifically for high performance, General Microwave can provide products to support your requirements.

Kratos/General Microwave Corporation

Coaxial Frequency Mixer

Mini-Circuits’ model ZMDB-653H-E+ is a coaxial frequency mixer ideal for up-conversion and down-conversion in mmWave systems, with RF and LO frequency range of 20 to 65 GHz and IF range of DC to 20 GHz. It works with +15 dBm LO power and handles RF inputs to +21 dBm, with typical conversion loss of 11 dB. The mixer is supplied in a housing measuring 0.56 ×0.56 × 0.34 in. (14.22 × 14.22 × 8.64 mm) with three 1.85-mm female connectors.


Switched Bit Attenuator

Quantic PMI Model SBA-400M1400M-63DB-6B-SFF is a bi-directional switched bit attenuator operating from 400 to 1400 MHz. Designed to be switched between a low loss state and six set attenuation states. The attenuation range is 0 to 63 dB with 1 dB resolution. The settings are selected by six independent bit controls.

Quantic PMI


Conextivity® Group

The Fischer family founded Conextivity® Group to meet the connectivity challenges posed by the emergence of new cross-functional and scalable ecosystems, from locally interconnected devices and sensors to cloud-managed IoT platforms. The group’s R&D department, which has doubled in size over the last five years, is strengthening its teams with new expertise, especially in signal integrity engineering, embedded electronics, the cloud and IoT. The family-owned technology group is accelerating the development of its two business activities, Fischer Connectors® and Wearin’®, towards the same entrepreneurial vision.

Fischer Connectors

Adaptor for VNAs

MIcable NMD2.4MM female to NMD2.92MM male adaptors are suited for vector network analyzers (VNAs) with NMD2.4MM male or NMD2.92MM female ports, they have excellent electrical and mechanical performance with maximum VSWR at 1.15:1 at 40 GHz and durability at 5000 cycles minimum. They are used to protect the ports from accidental damage due to direct contact or wear caused by frequent DUT load and unload, and also avoid of the decline of testing accuracy and service life.

Fujian MIcable Electronic Technology Group Co., Ltd

RF Cable Product Line