San-tron’s TuffTestTM 2.92, 2.4 and 1.85 mm microwave/RF vector network analyzer (VNA) test cables offer superior performance, durability and value.  

TuffTest VNA test cables feature a high performance microwave cable, protected by a wound stainless steel armor casing and an abrasion resistant outer sheath. The resulting construction is highly flexible, crush and torque resistant with virtually no cable spring back.  All TuffTest VNA cables provide low VSWR in addition to stable amplitude and phase performance up to 50,000 flexures.  

TuffTest VNA test cables are available in 2.92 (40 GHz), 2.4 (50 GHz) and 1.85 mm (67 GHz) configurations with male to male or male to female gender. The test cables are stocked in 2, 3 and 5 ft. assemblies.