The global electronics design and manufacturing services company, TES, has announced a significant expansion of its worldwide presence through the acquisition of a manufacturing plant in Penang, Malaysia.

Alongside the company’s existing plant at Langon, near Rennes, France, this new manufacturing resource will ensure a balanced response to customer needs, and enhances the delivery of innovative customer design and manufacturing to OEMs, technology and service industries.

The acquisition was made from AV Industries (AVI), which TES partnered with a year ago. The company moved some equipment there from its plant in France and used the AVI facility to begin its Penang operation. The acquisition includes equipment and employees and a commitment of continued service to all AVI customers.

TES will make investments in the facility to increase its capability and capacity to bring it to the standard of the Langon plant. Initial investment will be in the range of €1 M. Results of this investment will be seen during the first half of 2007 and will be a steadily increasing range of services from the Malaysian plant.

"The acquisition of the Penang factory fulfills a commitment made when TES acquired the kernel of its business from Thales less than two years ago," said Michel Desbard, CEO at TES. "We have been delivering on the promise to expand geographically and deliver global services through several design center acquisitions in India, US and Europe."