The world’s first fully integrated, high performance WiMAX family of transceivers specifically for mobile and handheld applications has been announced by NXP Semiconductors. The 2.3 to 2.4 GHz UXF23480 designed for use within North America and Australia and the 2.5 to 2.7 GHz UXF23460 for use throughout Taiwan, Japan, North America and Europe are both fully 802.16e compliant and deliver significant benefits, enabling robust terminal designs.

This new family of WiMAX transceivers is said to minimize the need for additional components, reducing design time and speeding up time to market. Combining low power consumption, a noise figure of less than 3 dB, as well as high adjacent channel rejection, the high performance ICs deliver significant benefits to mobile, nomadic and fixed wireless access (FWA) equipment.

“The past year has been extremely significant in the development of WiMAX, and recent trials have demonstrated the system’s ability to provide wireless broadband over a vast area,” said Ruud van den Brink, marketing manager, RF WiMAX product line, NXP. “As devices become smaller, so do the requirements for smaller components. Fully integrated circuits such as the UXF23480/60 are now essential to enable WiMAX to be incorporated into our customer’s new products, as space on the PCB becomes a premium, and the need for additional components needs to be minimized.”