Quantic PMI Model LM-1G2G-4CW-1KWP-SMF-ROHS is an RF Limiter that operates in the 1.0 to 2.0 GHz frequency range. This limiter can handle 4 W CW and 1 kW peak (1% duty cycle, 1 µs maximum pulse width) input power and provides a maximum leakage of +16 dBm CW input. This module has a low insertion loss of 0.7 dB and a recovery time of 1 µs.  Physical size is 1.00" x0.75" x 0.38" and has SMA Male/Female connectors.  https://www.pmi-rf.com/product-details/lm-1g2g-4cw-1kwp-smf-rohs