Join Analog Devices at the  IEEE International Symposium on  Phased Array Systems and Technology held October 11 to 13, 2022, in Waltham, Mass., at booth #11.     

Experience how Analog Devices’ phased array platforms are reducing barriers of innovation and time to market for the entire ecosystem—from radar to space, from military communications to electronic warfare and beyond. Check out demos, experience innovation and speak with experts focusing in hybrid and digital beamforming, power management, RF and microwave and more. 

Hear from Experts

Wednesday, October 12

  • 11:10 AM
    • Session title: Flat Panel AESAs for Satcom Links: Design and Array Synthesis
    • Speakers: Sriram Muralidharan and Sukh Deo
  • 1:50 PM
    • Session title: Ka-Band Phased Array Development Platform
    • Speakers: Qui Luu and Keysight 

Thursday, October 13

  • 11:30 AM
    • Session title: Novel All-Digital Beamforming Techniques for L-/S-/C-Band Multichannel Systems Leveraging Hardened DSP on Integrated Circuits
    • Speakers: Mike Jones and Pete Delos 

Onsite Demonstrations

  • Ka-Band Developers Kit
    • A fully functional 256 element Ka-Band transmit and 256 elements receive phased array platform built using solely Analog Devices components.
  • X-Band Hybrid Beamforming Radar Development Platform
    • This platform integrates ADC/DAC solutions with RF/microwave up-/down-converter circuitry and analog beamforming ICs. The platform enables a full hybrid beamforming signal chain capable of being controlled and evaluated with example HDL and software scalable to a customer’s end system.
  • L-/S-/C-Band Digital Beamforming Phased Array Development Platform
    • A 16 Tx/16 Rx channel direct sampling phased array system solution that supports applications including radars, electronic warfare and satcom. 
  • Wideband Direct RF Sampling Multichannel Radar Receiver Platform
    • Our receiver platform enables ADI’s state-of-the-art AD9213 10 GSPS RF data converters that can be synchronized using their multichip synchronization capability and the ADF4377 low jitter microwave wideband synthesizer.