Tagore Technology Inc., a pioneer of high-power GaN-based RF switches, announced the introduction of the TS63421K antenna tuning switch that delivers industry-leading performance with high peak voltage and low Ron. The new feature-rich switch offers best-in-class insertion loss, power handling and harmonic performance and is well-suited for filter and antenna tuning, dynamic matching in private radio access points, and public safety equipment. 

The new reflective open single-pole four-throw (SP4T) switch is designed with Tagore’s second-generation GaN-Si process. The TS63421K is ideal for antenna or filter tuning applications where high RF peak voltage handling is desired. The device offers the industry’s lowest on-resistance (Ron) of 1 ohm and off capacitance of 0.2 pf and can handle peak RF voltage of 100 V. This RF switch device is configured as a four-throw output that can be independently controlled and, therefore, can have 16 different states or tuning values. 

Klaus Buehring, Tagore Technology’s chief sales and marketing officer said, “This GaN-Si SP4T device is great for antenna tuning applications with antenna optimization to improve efficiency, resulting in higher overall performance compared to our first-generation product. This improved efficiency results in higher data throughput, increases battery life and a longer range for fewer dropped calls.” 

TS63421K is available in a 3X3-QFN plastic package and requires no external components making it well-suited for low-SWaP applications. This new antenna tuning RF switch is compatible with existing products, allowing customers to enhance radio performance by switching to the latest version of the second-generation product.