2-18 GHz 15 W High Gain Solid-State Broadband High-Power Amplifier

MIcable announced the new 2 to 18 GHz, 15 W high gain solid-state broadband high power amplifier MPA-020180S42. With state-of-the-art GaN design technology, it has higher saturated output power while keeping higher P1dB and better linearity and can adapt to a variety of different signal modes such as continuous wave, pulse, wide instantaneous bandwidth signal, high-order modulation signal, etc.

Fujian MIcable Electronic Technology Group Co., Ltd.

2-18 GHz Reference Design Featuring HL9333 Harmonic Down-converter

HYPERLABS is proud to announce its newly redesigned 20 GHz harmonic down-converter IC packaged in a 4 mm QFN package. Boasting 18 GHz RF bandwidth and optimized for LO sampling rates from 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz, the HL9333 features excellent linearity, low noise and improved RF-IF conversion response that is considerably flatter than the previous generation HL9313 harmonic mixer. The HL9333, shown here in a 2 to 18 GHz reference design, is ideally suited for use in Nyquist folding receiver and other under-sampled broadband receiver systems.


Rugged to the Core

iNRCORE has over 70 years of experience of customizing, designing and manufacturing military-grade magnetics, including pulse transformers, passive delay lines and active delay lines. These components are designed to comply with requisite military and industrial standards, and play a key role in supporting crucial platforms used by all branches of the armed forces. The team at iNRCORE brings the experience and expertise needed to provide customers with reliable solutions, regardless of production volumes. iNRCORE operates from AS9100-certified manufacturing facilities located in Bristol, Pa., and China.


Insulated Wire Inc.

Insulated Wire (IW) serves a broad range of both military and commercial markets. These include telecommunications, data links, satellite systems, airborne electronic warfare and counter measures, missile systems, UAV applications, avionics and instrumentation, fire control systems, medical electronics and geophysical exploration.

Insulated Wire

UK Designed and Manufactured Low Loss and Semi-Rigid RF and Microwave Cable Assemblies

Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd, a specialist manufacturer of RF, waterproof and cryogenic connectors, can specify, design and manufacture custom RF and microwave cable assemblies, with a two to three week turnaround time for most projects. Applications include medical, satcom, military, aerospace, space, general microwave communications, test and measurement, research, rail traction, oil and gas and marine. Intelliconnect cables can be waterproofed to IP68 and offer special features including phase matching and ruggedized assemblies for use in harsh environments.

Intelliconnect Group

Virtual RF Hardware-in-the-Loop Flight Testing

ISL’s real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) RTEMES® system enables for the first time, virtual flight testing of advanced RF systems for radar, ELINT and electronic warfare applications. It supports multichannel RF systems from VHF to Ku-Band and is based on a cost-effective digital COTS transceiver/FPGA architecture. RTEMES® is designed to seamlessly integrate with ISL’s RFView® RF Digital Engineering tools including high fidelity, physics-based modeling and simulation.


Directional Coupler Covers 26.5 to 40 GHz with 30 dB Coupling

KRYTAR Model 264030 offers 30 dB of nominal coupling over the frequency range of 26.5 to 40.0 GHz (Ka-Band), in a compact and lightweight package. The coupler lends itself to wireless designs and many test and measurement applications within Ka-Band frequency. Ka-Band is used for many commercial and military satellite communications (satcom). Frequency sensitivity of ±0.5 dB, insertion loss of 1.3 dB, directivity greater than 12 dB, maximum VSWR is 1.7. Compact package measures 1.12 (L) x 0.40 (W) x 0.62 in. (H) and weighs 1.0 ounces.


New 1 GHz OCXO Provides Ultra-Low Phase Noise

To meet the increasing demand for high frequency OCXOs with ultra-low phase noise KVG’s engineers have developed a 1 GHz OCXO. Using the advantages of a SC-cut crystal-based oscillator stage in combination with new analog frequency multiplication, the OCXO provides tight temperature stability and very good long-term stability. The 1 GHz OCXO comes up with excellent phase noise performance near the carrier with better than -112 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz as well as a very low noise floor below -155 dBc/Hz.

KVG Quartz Crystal Technology GmbH

RF Power Sensors

LadyBug Technologies’ LB5944A, 44 GHz USB power sensor offers several features specifically designed for defense users. These include Option MIL, which prevents the storage of information inside the sensor; and Option SEC, a secure erase feature that allows sensitive users to erase any settings, offsets or data that have been stored within the sensor prior to the sensor leaving the secure environment. Additionally, the sensor utilizes LadyBug’s patented active thermal stabilization which eliminates drift associated with accurate low-power measurements.

LadyBug Technologies