High Performance Components Since 1988

M Wave Design Corporation has been supplying low loss, high performance Ferrite and Waveguide components since 1988. The company specializes in high-mix, low volume microwave components. The unit illustrated above was a system design “afterthought” by its customer who ran out of space. We solid modeled and built the WR28 full-band circulator and waveguide run into their package constraints and “on time and in budget.” M Wave Design Corporation designs and manufactures a broad range of custom passive microwave hardware from 100 MHz to 50 GHz.

M Wave Design Corporation

BAL-0032SSG 32 GHz Broadband Balun

The BAL-0032SSG is the industry’s first surface-mount balun to support 32 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth. Hand-tuned for phase balance of better than 5 degrees and amplitude balance of better than 0.4 dB, the balun ensures signal integrity in high IBW applications that enable electronic warfare receivers to cover multiple frequency bands and multi-band radar solutions. Featuring a 10 MHz to 32 GHz frequency range, the balun delivers unmatched performance for next-generation data converters. Available now in an ultra-compact 5 x 9 mm package.

Marki Microwave

NEW 5G Filter for C-Band Satellite Receivers

MCV has designed a RED filter that will clear portions of the C-Band spectrum to support the growth of mobile data and 5G services in the U.S. and around the world for both the satellite communications and the wireless telecommunications market. McV RED 1 filter provides interference free signal covering 3200 to 4000 GHz with low loss and high attenuation on both sides and 40 dB rejection to 6.45 GHz. It is lighter and smaller than currently available models and equipped with CPR229 grooved interface (IP63 rating). Please contact sales@mcv-microwave.com for immediate delivery.

MCV Microwave

Micro Lambda Single-Channel Programmable Attenuators 10 MHz to 21 GHz

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc offers the MLAT-Series single-channel programmable attenuators, ideal for a wide range of test equipment applications. They provide 0 to 30 dB or 0 to 60 dB attenuation in 0.5 dB steps over the 10 MHz to 21 GHz frequency range. All attenuators are housed in a compact package with SMA Female RF connectors. Controlled via USB or SPI, full software support provided, optional temperature ranges available.

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc

RTG4™ FPGAs – High-Speed QML Class V-Qualified FPGAs for Space

The company’s wide range of radiation-tolerant (RT)
FPGAs lets you select the right device to hit your power, size, cost and reliability targets, thereby reducing time to launch and minimizing cost and schedule risks. Building on a history of providing the most reliable, robust, low-power SONOS-, flash- and antifuse-based FPGAs in the industry, Microchip can offer you the best combination of features, performance and radiation tolerance.

Microchip Technology Inc.

Microwave Components, Inc.

Microwave Components, Inc. (MCI) in Dracut, Mass., is a small, veteran-owned manufacturer of miniature air coils. MCI has been delivering custom, high Q, miniature air inductors to the aerospace, defense and space markets since 1978. Materials include: bare and insulated gold, copper, silver, gold plated copper, nickel copper alloy and aluminum wire. Inductances from 1 to 1000+ nH.

Microwave Components, Inc. (MCI)

RF Interference Mitigation Filter/Amplifier

Overcome severe communication range issues caused by RF cosite interference on air-, sea-, and ground-based platforms with MPG’s ICE3009 Filter/Amplifier. ICE3009 features a high dynamic range and agile filter/amplifier cascade to prevent receiver desensitization and to purify the transmit spectrum for fast frequency hopping VHF/UHF transceivers. ICE3009 features -55 dB selectivity (at 5 percent from F0), up to 10 dB receive gain, < 9 dB noise figure, +52 dBm receive input IP3 and up to 100 W RF transmit output power.

Microwave Products Group (MPG)

See Our VPX Transceiver Specs

Norden’s wideband VPX transceiver is used across military applications. It offers 2 to 18 GHz operation in a versatile OpenVPX platform. The NUDC2-18/1.3-2.3 includes internal LOs which provide an instantaneous IF bandwidth of 1 GHz and exceptional noise figure.

Norden Millimeter

New Wearable SDR With Enhanced Ruggedization

Pixus Technologies announced a new compact implementation of its ruggedized enclosure line utilizing NI’s Ettus Research™ brand software-defined radio (SDR). The new RB210 is a ruggedized version of NI’s small form factor B210 SDR. It currently comes in an IP67 weather resistant style with options for full MIL grade implementations. The compact unit is approximately 87 tall x 156 wide and 300 mm long and weighs under 7 lbs. The RB210 features continuous frequency coverage from 70 MHz to 6 GHz.

Pixus Technologies

Filters, Multiplexers & Multifunction Assemblies

Reactel manufactures a line of filters, multiplexers and multifunction assemblies covering up to 67 GHz. Reactel’s talented engineers can design a unit specifically for your application, from small, lightweight units suitable for uncrewed flight or portable military systems to high-power units capable of handling up to 25 kW, connectorized or surface-mount.


New SPINNER 1.00 mm RF Cable Connector

The new 1.00 mm RF cable connector from SPINNER is especially suitable for use with UT-47 semi-rigid cable and are provided in standard or custom configurations with cable entries and soldering sleeves as well as a bulkhead, D-hole or four-hole panel mount version. SPINNER RF cable connectors are found in a wide range of applications such as communication infrastructure, medical, research, industrial, aerospace and defense, automotive and consumer products and must operate reliably even under the most difficult conditions.


Microwave Power Modules from Stellant Systems

Stellant Systems’ M-1270 microwave power module (MPM) is a state-of-the-art amplifier used in threat simulators and search radar systems onboard common unmanned aerial vehicles and other high profile aircraft. Its extremely high-power output of 1 kW at 5 percent duty cycle from 9 to 10 GHz distinguishes it from the field. The MPM includes Stellant’s L6134-54 mini-helix traveling wave tube driven by a low-power solid-state power amplifier contained within Stellant’s proprietary power control unit.

Stellant Systems

Designed for Durability. Engineered for Excellence.

Trexon solves the world’s most challenging connectivity problems with relentless innovation, industry expertise and constant collaboration. Formed from the combination of top wire and cable companies, Trexon provides an expanding range of specialized products and solutions designed for rugged and specific conditions. The Trexon Engineered Products Group consists of the following industry leading companies; Cicoil, EZ Form Cable, The First Electronics Corporation, Hydro Group, Integrated Cable Systems and Power Connector Inc.

Trexon Company