This eBook explores 5G and mMIMO trends, beginning with an overview of the market gathered by 5G Americas, Omida and GlobalComm. The next article provides a tutorial on O-RAN and its approach to standardizing the interfaces among the radio unit, distributed unit and centralized unit. The next article shifts the focus to private 5G networks, discussing the steps to ensure success. An O-RAN compliant mMIMO base station was the focus of the next article; however, mMIMO is not the only type of base station used in a 5G network. Small cells are equally important, particularly for indoor settings and high data demand areas, whether indoors or outdoors. “Anatomy of the 5G Small Cell,” condensed from a Small Cell Forum report. Turning to testing, the next article discusses the challenges testing deployed 5G networks. The concluding article in the eBook addresses test challenges unique to TDD networks, stemming from the rapid switching among the subframes transporting the data. The test equipment used to evaluate these TDD systems, such as power meters, must have better performance than the radio, including fast rise time and measurement speed, wide video bandwidth and short time resolution.

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