Signal Hound, a developer of highly optimized solutions for RF signal test and measurement equipment, has announced the sale of the company to Harrison Osbourn. 

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to be the new owner of Signal Hound. This company continually brings value and innovation to the industry. We have a world-class team here that has gotten us to a great position in the market. I’m looking forward to continuing to build this brand, our product offerings and to serve customers across the RF, test and measurement space,” said Harrison Osbourn, owner and CEO at Signal Hound. Osbourn brings a pedigree to his role that includes service as a US Naval Intelligence Officer, time at the Pentagon, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and years of growth strategy implementation with some of the Pacific Northwest’s largest and most respected companies. He is a dynamic leader with a proven track record. His vision for the company is informed by the foundational values it was built on and rooted in the vast potential it possesses. 

This new era at Signal Hound comes after Bruce Devine’s decision to retire. From a small shop in La Center, Wash., to the impressive facility it now occupies in Battle Ground, the company is poised for the next level of its development. 

“The process of finding the right new owner for Signal Hound was tedious. This company has been my life’s work and I wanted to be sure of who would be taking it over. I’m confident we have the right person for the job and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Signal Hound,” said Bruce Devine. 

With the transition comes the addition of new Signal Hound President, Tom Lane. Tom adds over 25 years of experience in the engineering design and manufacturing sector to the leadership team. He is a former US Army service member, has led teams with demonstrated success, exhibits a deep understanding of bringing products to market, and will further the capabilities of the production arm of the company. Tom is as adept on the sales side as he is with production. His expertise will be a catalyst for new processes and growth at Signal Hound. 

Moving Forward 

Customer satisfaction and the continuation of the unrivaled value we bring to the market will remain the focus of the company. The quality of the products Signal Hound provides to the RF, test and measurement space is tangible. The ongoing praise of the company’s products validates its place in the industry. One thing is apparent, there is more great work to be done here.

With new expertise, the addition of resources and a focused leadership team, Signal Hound has substantial plans for new product development. Bringing fresh, exciting tools to market is a priority and the coming months and years will reveal additional offerings that will continue to elevate the work of our customers. The R&D pipeline is both noteworthy and timely.

Signal Hound has continually punched above its weight in terms of performance, the ease of use of its products, value and reliability. The next chapter in company history will see the team build on previous successes and be guided by the principles that have helped it reach this new stage and beyond. With the commitment of the new owner, a passion for quality and the persistent pursuit of excellence; the future is bright at Signal Hound.