At IMS, Marki Microwave introduced a family of broad bandwidth mmWave mixers, offered in die form or in the company’s innovative M-package design, which allows for DC to 100 GHz+ operation for any two, three or four port MMIC device. The unique packaging approach delivers optimized performance and makes the mixers a mechanically reliable solution.

“There is an ever-present demand for multi-octave higher frequency operation, however the RF and microwave industry has been challenged in creating designs at these frequencies while utilizing the wider bandwidths available,” said Christopher Marki, CEO of Marki Microwave. “Designing the die is only a piece of the puzzle. To maintain the die level performance, the packaging at these high frequencies is an integral part of the design process. This co-development of die and package is an area where Marki Microwave excels.”

As Marki Microwave’s newest product category, the mmWave mixers support an incredibly broad bandwidth with frequencies up to 130 GHz, while delivering excellent conversion loss, superior isolation and high linearity. Additionally, the products compete favorably against existing wave guide solutions. These mixers are ideally suited for ultra-broadband receivers, test and measurement equipment, automotive radar and test receivers for 5G and upcoming 6G standards. Their ultra-broadband operation can simplify customers’ designs and procurement overhead by reducing the number of variants required.


Sampling for the mmWave mixers is estimated to begin in July. The MM1-30100L, MMIQ-40100L and MMIQ-40100H are available in bare die or a connectorized M-package, while the MM1-35130H is currently offered in die form only. Specifications subject to change without notice.