Nonlinear Design:  FETs and HEMTs

Peter H. Ladbrooke

Nonlinear Design:  FETs and HEMTs by Peter H. Ladbrooke should be on the bookshelf of every III-V semiconductor device engineer, modeling engineer and circuit designer. What I particularly like about this book is it focuses more on the practicality of nonlinear device modeling rather than strictly theoretical constructs which are far less digestible to the practicing engineer. Don’t let my statement fool you though, there is plenty of meat in this book even for the theoretical junkie! Those looking to “connect the dots” between device characteristics, device modeling and circuit performance should read this book.  

Part I discusses commercially available nonlinear models as well as digging into the practical details of device behavior and model parameter extraction. Part II proposes a reformulation of the device model and proceeds to dig into the finer details of parameter extractions as well as presenting some results with practical circuits. Part III is perhaps the most detailed section, providing extreme depth on FET device characteristics, current and charge conservation and charge storage while also introducing macro-cell simulators. 

As a MMIC design engineer, I found this book rather useful in understanding the finer details of how accurately (or inaccurately) modeling device characteristics impacts my circuit performance. In addition, I found it useful for understanding the connection of basic device characteristics and circuit performance. I see this being a valuable, frequently consulted reference for those deeply involved in the III-V semiconductor community.     

Reviewed by:

Michael Roberg, Ph.D.
MMIC Design Engineer
Fellow at Qorvo

480 pp.
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