EZ Form Cable, a Trexon company, has added phase stable dielectric cores to its product offering, which will reduce the “knee” characteristic seen with cable assemblies using Teflon™️ cores. The phase stable cable will initially be available with a 0.086 in. core (EZ-PT86), although EZ Form plans to add other sizes in the future. The EZ-PT phase stable cables are available as build-to-print cable assemblies or as bulk cable with optional RF connectors.

The phase of a coaxial cable assembly changes with temperature variation, which usually needs to be compensated by system hardware or software. This adds complexity to the design and may require additional calibration, increasing test time and cost. Phase changes can be particularly problematic with multi-channel systems, where phase matching among the channels is required. Using a more phase stable material improves system performance and reduces the need for hardware or software compensation.

EZ Form Cable is an AS9100D certified manufacturer of coaxial cable, coaxial cable assemblies, RF connectors and coaxial delay lines, with experience building phase matched cable assemblies and delay lines. EZ Form Cable meets ITAR and NIST requirements for security, and the company’s cable assemblies have been qualified on many military and aerospace systems. Its products have also been fielded in telecommunications, medical and test and measurement applications.

EZ Form Cable
Hamden, Conn.