A range of high performance SMK connectors, specifically designed for demanding applications, is now available throughout Europe from Vitelec Electronics. The range includes hermetically sealed, field replaceable components and is ideally suited to, among others, military and aerospace applications.

Delivering superior performance up to 40 GHz, for applications requiring high frequency transmission, Johnson SMK 50 Ohm connectors are easy to install and replace in the field. A selection of the SMK range is available with a hermetic seal – mounted into the circuit module wall – enabling connectors to be removed and replaced without destroying the hermeticity of the circuit housing.

Similar to a SMA interface, SMK connectors feature a smaller internal body diameter (2.92 mm) and air dielectric to provide a higher cut-off frequency. The SMK plug interface employs more precise dimensions than an SMA and uses a shorter snub nose male pin, ensuring the connector bodies align before the contacts engage. Precision manufacturing allows superior electrical performance up to 40 GHz, while the SMK’s female contacts have a unique, three-slot construction which enables connectivity by creating a more rugged device while reducing the chance of intermittent connections.

Featuring precise assembly tooling to ensure superior, repeatable contact and support bead location on cabled connectors, the range delivers connector mating interface per MIL-STD-348 and control for consistent electrical performance. With a plug connector VSWR of 1.20 Max to 40 GHz, a 12 inch SMK plug-to-plug cable assembly performs above 1.35 VSWR to 40 GHz.