To support research exploring the frequency options and possible applications for 6G, Focus Microwaves has developed a family of waveguide tuners for the bands spanning 110 to 330 GHz. The sub-THz tuner family comprises three models: W-1701100 (WR6), W-2201700 (WR5) and W-3302200 (WR3).

These tuners were built on the foundation of Focus Microwave’s DELTA tuners, which have become an industry standard for on wafer measurements, combined with the micrometric accuracy and repeatability of the small footprint Omega tuners, which have been proven for coaxial applications to 110 GHz. The waveguide sections with round flanges are embedded in the accurate horizontal and vertical control mechanism of the Omega platform, enabling horizontal and vertical probe movement with micrometric accuracy and repeatability. The transmission media are precisely slotted, gold plated waveguide sections with the partly conductive probe moving in, out and along the waveguide slot to generate controllable |Γ| and phase. The waveguide slot and microscopic tuning probe geometry were optimized with HFSS simulation for maximum reflection and minimum signal leakage over the entire band.

Total positioning uncertainty is less than ±1 μm. The maximum tuning resolution of each tuner is 0.19 degree per step at 110 GHz, 0.24 degree per step at 140 GHz and 0.2 degree per step at 220 GHz for the WR6, WR5 and WR3 tuners, respectively. This resolution provides more than 1.5 million tuning points for each tuner. The VSWR ranges for the tuners are from 1.2:1 (minimum) to 20:1 (maximum) for the WR6, 1.3:1 to 10:1 for the WR5 and 2:1 to 10:1 for the WR3. The tuners are compatible with Focus’ FDCS software suite for calibration, load-pull and noise measurements.

Focus Microwaves
Saint-Laurent, QC, Canada