Times Microwave Systems announced the new HPQD and MPQD series featuring quick-disconnect interfaces for high-power and high-voltage applications. A key addition to Times Microwave's product portfolio, the new HPQD and MPQD connectors complement its specialty cables and further expand interface options for cable assemblies. Compatible with two of the most widely used interfaces in high-power industrial equipment, HPQD and MPQD are the ideal interconnect solutions for RF generators, matching networks, industrial lasers, EMI/EMC test chambers and industrial heating and cooking.

The new HPQD and MPQD connector series feature a DC to 1.0 GHz operating frequency and save time with easy, tool-free installation and maintenance. This helps minimize human errors with no torque wrench required, along with a positive locking mechanism that provides a secure, reliable connection that will not become loose from vibration. These new high-power connectors are ideal for clean rooms and other sterile environments as the designs reduce the risk of contamination from setup tools while the threadless interface minimizes potential debris from mating/un-mating.

HPQD and MPQD connectors are ideal as a drop-in replacement or as the interface of choice in new designs. They are compatible with the Times Microwave SFT specialty cable series—a flexible solution for high power handling, with low loss and high shielding performance, which is suitable for a wide range of rugged environments. The SFT's dielectric and jacket enables use in high ambient temperatures up to +200°C.

“High power/voltage/current applications require interconnects with minimal loss to maximize efficiency, in addition, there can be no compromise on safety and reliability. These key aspects drove the development of HPQD and MPQD connectors⁠—a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that meets current and future demand,” said Kai Loh, applications engineer.

Customers can take full advantage of a full suite of high-power interconnects—with cable assemblies, connectors, receptacles and adapters available to complete high-power setups. Times Microwave's expanded global footprint, vast network of manufacturing facilities and distributors, and well-established product inventory enables the company to continue providing quality products with reduced lead times.