Modelithics, the leading provider of RF/microwave simulation models, welcomes Tecdia, into the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program at the Sponsoring level. Tecdia offers high-tech electronic components, including varactors, single-layer chip capacitors and thin-film chip resistors.

As a Sponsoring MVP, Tecdia and Modelithics are in collaboration to develop models for Tecdia’s new dielectric varactors with part numbers HBC2R2Y20X10X5A02 and HBCR22Y20X10X5A02. Models for additional components may be available in the future. Through the MVP Program FREE extended 90-day trials will be available to RF/microwave designers for the Modelithics models for Tecdia components once developed.

The models for the HBC2R2Y20X10X5A02 and HBCR22Y20X10X5A02 varactors are bias dependent models that are both substrate and temperature scalable. In addition, the models are validated all the way to 80 GHz. The models were developed by performing S-parameter measurements over temperature with multiple substrates.