This eBook explores the test challenges for 5G and 6G components, beginning with “The Pillars of 5G,” discussing the two parameters that determine network performance: spectral efficiency and energy efficiency. The next article, “Virtual Cable Calibration for OTA Testing of 5G mmWave Devices,” describes over-the-air (OTA) testing methods for mmWave networks. “Design of a Multiple CATR System for Multiple Angles of Arrival Measurement of 5G mmWave Devices,” discusses a novel multiple compact antenna test range (CATR) for testing beamforming systems with scenarios involving multiple angles of arrival. “On-Wafer, Large-Signal Transistor Characterization from 70–110 GHz Using an Optimized Load-Pull Technique,” jointly written by Maury Microwave and Teledyne Technologies, describes a hybrid-active vector receiver load-pull measurement system that can present |Γ| = 1 at the device reference plane up to 110 GHz. Continuing the discussion of sub-THz measurements, “Frequency Scalable Power Control and Active Tuning for Sub-THz Large-Signal Measurements,” written by Vertigo Technologies and Technische Universiteit Delft, describes a novel approach to making large-signal measurements, by expanding the capabilities of conventional sub-THz S-parameter network analyzers to add power control, sweeps and active load-pull. Completing this comprehensive eBook, a reprint of a Rohde & Schwarz educational note by Lawrence Wilson that explains the importance of the signal generator’s performance when measuring receivers.

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