EMITE and Anritsu Corporation announced their latest combined solution for testing the compatibility of different connection technologies such as LTE, WLAN and Bluetooth® wireless technology. 

The Anritsu Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A, Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C and Bluetooth Test Set MT8852B have been integrated with  the  EMITE  E600  Reverberation  Chamber.  The  solution  allows  the testing of over-the-air (OTA) total radiated power (TRP)/ total isotropic sensitivity (TIS)/TPUT performance in a repeatable environment. 

With integral communications protocols and optimized performance for testing, the EMITE reverberation chamber and Anritsu platforms can reliably characterize the different coexistence  scenarios of the latest devices. 

In tests of coexistence scenarios of WLAN with LTE and Bluetooth technology, and LTE with WLAN and Bluetooth technology, the new integration has been able to measure TRP, TIS and physical TPUT OTA performance indicators in market devices.  

By providing the ability to test and implement the latest standards, EMITE and Anritsu ensure customers and service providers can deliver fully compatible solutions to the market. 

“We are pleased to combine the abilities of Anritsu’s platforms and our E600 Reverberation Chamber to provide unique solutions for our customers. New  features have been implemented based on market needs and working closely with our customers. Some of the leading  companies  in  the  telecommunication  sector  worldwide  have  shown  interest  in  this  solution  for  their  OTA  platforms,”  said Javier Paredes, CSO of EMITE. 

Shinji  Hoshino, director,  IoT Test Solutions Division, Anritsu Corporation,  said,  “IoT use cases  combining several technologies are increasing, and the market requires an efficient test platform. We are proud to work with leading global companies to provide these solutions. Anritsu’s long experience in bringing test solutions to  the communications market will bring these benefits to the IoT test market too.”