RF and Microwave Semiconductor Device Handbook

Mike Golio, Editor-in-Chief
CRC Press
311 pages; $99.95
ISBN: 0-8493-1562-X

The aim of this book is to provide a single volume comprehensive reference for high frequency semiconductor devices. Written by twenty experts in their field, it is intended to be a starting point for programs involving development, technology comparison or acquisition for RF and wireless semiconductor devices. The articles that comprise the handbook provide important information for practicing engineers in industry, government and academia. The intended audience also includes microwave and other electrical engineers requiring information outside their areas of expertise as well as managers, marketers and technical support workers who need better understanding of the fields driving their decisions.

The book covers every aspect of semiconductor device technology, including basic material characteristics, system level concerns and constrains, simulation and modeling of devices, and packaging, as well as detailed discussions of device operation. Individual chapters discuss details of the properties and characteristics of each semiconductor device type. Devices covered in the text include varactors, Schottky diodes and Schottky diode frequency multipliers, transit-time devices, bipolar junction transistors, heterostructure bipolar transistors, metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors, metal semiconductor field-effect transistors and high electron mobility transistors. Also covered are RF power transistors from wide bandgap materials, monolithic microwave IC technology, semiconductor materials, including silicon, gallium arsenide, III-V heterostructures, indium phosphide, silicon carbide and gallium nitride. Metals, RF package design and development, thermal analysis and design of electronic systems, low voltage/low power microwave electronics, technology computer-aided design and nonlinear transistor modeling for circuit simulation are also included. Finally, all of the articles provide the reader with additional references to related literature.

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Practical RF Circuit Design for Modern Wireless Systems, Vol. 1: Passive Circuits and Systems

Les Besser and Rowan Gilmore
Artech House Inc.
539 pages; $109, £76
ISBN: 1-58053-521-6

This book, the first of two volumes, takes a practical approach to RF circuit design. Volume 1 offers a complete understanding of fundamental concepts without the use of higher mathematics and is addressed to practical engineers or those who want to become one. Using a step-by-step approach, important principles and parameters are defined and critical analytical tools are introduced.

Chapter 1 defines the concepts and definitions of RF, circuits, systems and wireless. In Chapter 2, the fundamentals of RF circuits are extensively explained. Chapter 3 offers the radio as a typical RF system in which most of the components that will be studied, are used. In Chapter 4, graphical circuit transformations with lumped and distributed components on the Smith chart, based on reflection coefficients, are illustrated, followed by the introduction of scattering (S) parameters which are now widely used in modern measurement techniques and computer-aided design and modeling. Impedance matching techniques are the subject of Chapter 5. CAE and CAD of linear RF/microwave circuits are the focus of Chapter 6. Circuit analysis and simulation techniques are covered as well as synthesis. The chapter ends by describing electromagnetic field simulation and offers CAD program descriptions. Passive component models, resistors, inductors, capacitors, transformers, via holes, planar transmission lines, crystal and dielectric resonators, together with their measurement and modeling, are the subject of Chapter 7. In Chapter 8, filters and resonant circuits are considered. The book ends with Chapter 9, a study of the similarities and differences of RF and high speed digital designs.

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