Today's advanced military avionics and electronic warfare (EW) applications must accommodate extremely restricted space constraints and rising operating frequencies. A military avionics and EW system's range that once operated up to 18 GHz is now extending into the mmWave frequency range of 40 GHz.  

The new M8M contact from Times Microwave Systems was made for this environment. Its unique construction makes the M8M contact excellent for use in the high vibration, harsh environments typically found in military avionics and EW applications. It works up to 40 GHz to meet the needs of high frequency applications and is compatible with all of our M8 multiport shells to maximize existing infrastructure. The M8M interconnection system is an addition to the time-tested high performance M8 family of multiport interconnects, including the original M8 (18.5 GHz) and M8E contact's (23 GHz) and lightweight, low insertion force V8 (18.5 GHz) contact.

Throughout its more than 30-year history, the M8 family of multiport interconnects solutions have been the go-to system for a wide range of platforms worldwide, with tens of thousands of parts currently in service on US and allied military aircraft from SIGINT/ELINT platforms to fast fighters—with hundreds of thousands of flight hours logged.